Top 20 Tracks of 2016

Some of these weren’t released in 2016, but I first encountered them this year. And now I recommend them to you, counting down to my favorite:




Beneath the Black Sea


(from LNZNDRF, 2016)






Rings of Saturn

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

(from Skeleton Tree, 2016)



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Monomyth – Exo (2016)

monomyth - exo cover

4 out of 5 stars.

Exo is Monomyth’s third release, following Monomyth (2013) and the insanely good Further (2014). This is music for every occasion: writing, driving, video-gaming, reading (though not karaoke, I suppose…)

My favorite band is Pink Floyd. My favorite Floyd is instrumentally-focused (Animals, Atom Heart Mother, Live at Pompeii, Meddle, More); Monomyth is the closest thing we have to a bearer of that flag.

Actually, let’s just say it: Monomyth is the best modern prog rock band.

I’ve tried Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky but those bands tend to follow a repetitive pattern in their work (guitar noodle, increasing volume, climax, climax, hold the climax, end). Monomyth achieves tension and release without simply getting loud and pounding away for a while. And they use keys/synth to great effect, which always earns bonus points from me.

If you enjoy 70’s Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Tangerine Dream, etc., I can’t recommend Monomyth enough.

Standout Track: ET Oasis

Monomyth’s site