The Black Angels – Death Song (2017)

Death Song

The fifth full-length album by The Black Angels, released on April 21st.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

The Black Angels sound like a late-60s band with access to modern recording equipment. Heaven, basically.

Death Song is nearly their best effort (2010’s Phosphene Dream still takes that title). It’s also a huge improvement over their last full-length release, Indigo Meadow (2013), which had me fearing for my future with the band. Indigo was unfocused and uneven and weirdly flirting with pop-psychadelia; an album I only listened to a handful of times before sticking three songs on my iPod and calling it a day. Thankfully, starting with the Clear Lake Forest EP (2014) and now with Death Song, The Black Angels are back on track. Continue reading