The Cars They Drive

I wrote a book called The Dumaine House. At a certain point, it seemed important to know what cars the main cast drove. And now you know, too! Lucky day!


Toyota Camry 2006
David Kozarik (2006 Toyota Camry)
Jaguar XKE
Lawrence Brock (Jaguar XKE. Only in the summer, friends.)
subaru outback 2010
Dahlia Brock (2010 Subaru Outback)
Nick Rossi (2000 VW Jetta)
honda civic 2007
Owen Novak (2007 Honda Civic)
Ford f150 2004
Mike Arnold (2004 Ford F-150)
pontiac Safari 1988
Barry Webber (1988 Pontiac Safari)
prius 2007
Jeremy Elliot (2007 Toyota Prius)
Escalade 2009
Rosemary Lambert (2009 Cadillac Escalade. It’s a rental.)
cadilla deville 2004
Ruth Westerhoff (2004 Cadillac DeVille)
BMW M3 2008
John Stark (2008 BMW M3)


Wait with baited breath for the next installment: The Coffee Mugs They Drink Out Of.

(Joking. But I could do it, you know. David has a Syracuse University mug somewhere in his house and I’m sure Mike Arnold has stolen one from a diner.)